FotoFab provides photochemical etching with exotic metal capabilities as well as an extensive line of standard shielding products.
Applications include apertures, encoders, flat springs, antennas, lead frames, screens, contacts, masks and many more.
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Vast array of custom interconnect products Connectors, Adapters, sockets and FFC.
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Military Custom Filter Connectors
Specials and Transient Suppression Connectors

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Elcon Precision

Metallized and Resistive Coated Ceramics, Vacuum and Atmophere Brazed Assemblies & Photo Chemically Machined Parts.


Spring Loaded connectors, Board to Cable/FPC, Compression Connector, and Battery Connector.
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Alliance Flex Tech

Flex Circuits and Assemblies, Quick-turn prototyping in Irvine, CA, with competitive offshore production.
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Electro-Mech Components

Pushbutton switches, pushbutton lenses, indicator lights and multi-switch interlocking assemblies for any front panel switching
application and for a broad variety of industries including avionics, gaming, medical and communications.
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Membrane Switches, graphic panels and overlays, elastomeric keypads, labels, nameplates, and assemblies.
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