Flat Flex Cable (FFC)

General Info

FPDI-1 Display Cables
The FPDI-1 display cable assemblies are ideally suited for board-to-FPD interconnects. Benefits include ease of installation, space sensitive and cost effective. The low profile, overmolded strain relief is designed for critical mechanical applications. Optional folding, flexing and shielding features make it easy to solve difficult routing requirements.

LVDS Compatible Display Cables
LVDS compatible display cables are ideally suited for board-to-FPD interconnects where differential signals are utilized. Available in 14, 20 or 30 positions with Hirose DF-19, JAE FI-X or equivalent connectors using 1.0mm pitch laminated cable. These assemblies offer reliable terminations and a low profile for flexibility and reliability.

Display Power Cables
This power cable assembly is ideally suited for board-to-LCD interconnects. Allows for convenient extension where existing LCD cables limit length. Overmolded strain relief is designed for critical applications where reliable termination is a must.

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