Cable Assemblies

General Info

Each cable assembly is the result of a problem brought to us because of our well-founded reputation for leading design ingenuity, high quality products, and excellent customer service.  Providing solutions for custom cable assembly applications is  our specialty; one we pride ourselves in. Call us for your special need and let us put our expertise to work for you. CCA Capabilities include the following; Signal Integrity Testing, Custom Designed Backshells & Strain Reliefs, Large Cable Selections including MIL-STD, EMI Shielding, Custom Pinouts and Custom Connector

VPX Plus
A VPX compatible cabling system that provides endless possibilities for accessing and expanding the basic VPX backplane.  Bring all VITA46 and Open VPX I/O out of your VPX backplane utilizing SATA, SAS, Serial Rapid I/O, Infiband, Ethernet and Mil-38999 connectors.  This system and its I/O capabilities are designed for full bandwidth test and  deployment.

QSFP+ Cable Assemblies
Full line of QSFP+ (Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable) cable assemblies meets or exceeds the published InfiniBand (IBTA) requirements of DDR (5Gb/s), QDR (10Gb/s), IEEE 802.3ba (40Gb Ethernet) (XLAUI) requirements, and SFF-8436 specifications.

SFP +   Passive Copper Cable
SFP+ copper cables enable data transfer rates up to 10 Gb/s per channel at lengths up to 8.5 meters, meeting current Standards Specifications. Applications include high – performance computing (HPC), enterprise networking and network storage markets where higher bandwidth signaling is required. SFP+ copper cables support the 10Gigabit-Ethernet, 8G Fibre Channel and 10G Fibre Channel over Ethernet specifications.

FP+ assembly utilizes a shielded twin-ax cable construction maintaining 100 – ohm impedance matching within 5 ohms to ensure interoperability. Fully shielded assembly incorporates die cast metal housings designed specifically for high frequency data rates minimizing EMI leakage. Patent pending pull style latch assures a robust, positive locking attachment and is designed for both standard and belly to belly applications based on our customer’s requirements.

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